Do we deserve to be called ‘modern’?

Modernisation-A term that seems to be misunderstood.

“To make something old or outdated up to date or modern in style” is how the dictionary defines modernisation.

The question is, are we really modern?

‘Modern’ seems to be more a relative term than an absolute term.

Today, people are constantly campaigning about women empowerment. The question arises, are women really empowered? If the world had really been ‘modern’, there would be no existence of any gender discrimination today.

Many people have still not been able to broaden their mindset. Even in 2017, when scientists are trying to unravel the mysteries of space, the orthodox way of thinking still prevails. Even today, our so called ‘society’ looks down upon single mothers.

Have you ever wondered why the conductor of a bus says ‘ladies’ when a woman is about to dismount from the bus? No. Right? It’s simply because women are considered to be ‘weak’. Strange enough. What surprises me the most is that no one really questions.Modernisation does not mean to dress in a fashionable way; it means to have an open mind, a broader perspective and it all starts from the base level- the smallest unit of a family. People have to delete their old fashioned way of thinking. Even in this 21st century, there are many orthodox families who have not been able to expand their thinking power; according to them, if there is a girl, she ‘must not’ be independent. She ‘must’ take the support of a male. These kind of thoughts take us by surprise but indeed, not only rural but many urban people do possess these ‘quality thinking power’. Needless to say, it still has existence only because of the existence of ignorance. Today, ignorance is no more a bliss, it’s a sin and has no forgiveness.

Trust Factor

A man left in this 21st century will get a lot of opportunities to lose his humanitarian values.

It seems that only yesterday I trusted the person more than anyone I had ever know. Never had I imagined that my trust could be broken by that person. This is something that most people experience.

It is true that a once the trust is broken, it can never be mended. However, being a pessimist, I look at such obstacles in life as a challenge that needs to be conquered. Once my teacher had told,” A person who has struggled the most is the strongest person”. Indeed, it is true. From my personal experience, I have realized that when there is some crisis in our life, it simply helps us to become stronger than we ever were. It helps us to look at things in a different way. We start bettering ourselves.